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As the world of smartphones and personal computing becomes dramatically more sophisticated, more products require crisp and clear sound quality. With more than 65 years of experience in the acoustics industry, we are the world leader in designing audio solutions for mobile consumer electronics. We continuously pioneer technology that enhances the way people enjoy sound such as the groundbreaking SiSonic™ MEMS (micro-electrical-mechanical systems) microphone and the most powerful balanced armature speaker. We can work with you to help distinguish your products’ unique features in the marketplace.

In 2001, Knowles launched the world's first surface mount microphone using its combined expertise in miniaturized microphone designs and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)/MEMS technology.

Until recently, designers of mobile phones and other portable communication devices only had one traditional option to achieve their audio objectives, the electret condenser microphone (ECM). This left designers with few options. The availability of CMOS/MEMS technology was a huge leap in the mobile phone industry.

CMOS/MEMS technology is smaller, uses less space, lowers profiles to enable a thinner product and eliminates the cost of offline subassembly required by ECMs.

Knowles remains ahead of the game. We recently introduced our fourth generation of silicon surface mount microphones, including a new wave of digital solutions.

Our breadth of expertise in miniature audio, micro-mechanical, and electromechanical design can help you make your smaller, thinner, more dynamic idea a reality -- just as we have done for leading marketers of mobile phones and telecom products all over the world.

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Technology is moving at a rapid pace, which means that the use of microphones is changing. In the past, microphones were used in notebooks and PCs on a limited basis for things such as voice recording.

The next generation of notebooks and PCs will be required to have higher levels of audio performance for multiple applications such as rapidly growing voice over internet phones (VoIP), video conferencing and voice recognition, to name a few.
Echo Cancellation, Noise suppression and Beam forming are all revolutionary software processes offered by Knowles for enhanced voice quality.

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With the explosion of video content shared globally, audio quality is key. Digital still cams with audio codec require the proper selection of microphones and speakers to achieve improved audio quality. Knowles works directly with audio codec to ensure compatibility while addressing designer application issues and concerns.


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Gaming is becoming a major feature on many of today's consumer and business handheld products. Voice driven menus, player-to-player communications and portable gaming convergence with mobile communications are all features that emerging products will need to include as part of their customer offering. Knowles partners with you to deliver the best possible result.


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Bluetooth and other wireless headsets require both speakers and microphones. Knowles strives to improve the consumer experience by providing a better sound. Size is another issue with consumers — the smaller the better. Knowles is equipped to provide smaller and smaller products as demanded by the market. Knowles also provides value added features such as wind noise shielding and RF immunity.

Our earphones are widely sought by manufacturers wanting to create distinctly better solutions for consumer, military, first responder and other communication applications.
As consumers become increasingly savvy, so is the need for less conspicuous earphones. Knowles uses its Balanced Armature Technology its earphones for products such as MP3 players and other in-the-ear microphones for various consumer applications.


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