Professional and military communications and sensing

Communication is more important than ever in today's world. Knowles' range of products is suited to meet various demands whether it be extreme conditions, life-threatening situations or other security and safety-related issues. We know that rapid, clear communication is essential, and we work together with you to deliver what you need.

Radio handsets and Portable Data Terminals typically have a wide range of requirements which are very  demanding. Our products are optimized to address and withstand water, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration. Knowles' component solutions are ideally designed for these rugged applications and environments.

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Knowles' sensors offer a wide range of applications including flow measurement, vibration testing, failure detection such as bearings and motors, motion detection and positioning/location. Knowles has a variety of solutions, including ultrasonic sensor components, to fit these applications.  We also offer sensors for security applications; specifically, glass break detection, movement detection, vibration and noise.


Headsets and booms are vitally important for emergency first responders, the military, industrial segments and other areas where communication is a major concern. Extreme conditions cannot compromise the audio communication; therefore, careful selection, design and subassembly are needed. Knowles can deliver solutions for these potentially life-threatening situations.

Lead type and material selection of booms are critical for enabling headsets and helmet applications for customized configurations.

Knowles offers reliable and advanced audio metric instrumentation for medical and industrial applications, including miniature implantable devices. These are known as micro-acoustic components.