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Our company

Knowles Corporation is a market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, specialty components, and human interface solutions in the consumer electronics, medical technology, telecommunications infrastructure, military/space and other industrial end markets. At Knowles, we see possibility in unexpected places, unified by a spirit of innovation, and dedicated to help you find more ways to put better technology to work for your customers.



Founded in 1946, Knowles offers a growing range of micro-acoustic, electro-mechanical, and related technology platforms to support the business potential of our customers. These platforms enable us to collaborate early in the concept-design process to help our customers develop smaller, higher density, higher performance products.



We take pride in our customer service. We work with you in pursuit of creating the most advanced products in your respective industries. Throughout the process, we engage with you to develop products with an integrated perspective, staying connected at every step. Through a comprehensive team approach, we partner with you to design, develop and manufacture customized solutions that will provide the greatest impact for your customers. 



Our mission is to help you achieve the most cost-efficient, market-leading technologies. 


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How can we help? Contact specific Knowles locations, manufacturers' representatives or distributors, depending on your needs.