Wax protection

As the leading designer of hearing aid components,Knowles offers several ways for device manufacturers and end users to effectively address wax buildup. Solutions include our WaxBuster and MicroWaxBuster push-piston wax removal systems, and our NoWax disposable filter-replacement system.


Wax protection
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Product Families Model ID Dimensions Downloads
WB WB-23400-000 WaxBuster (single unit replacement box) - Red
WB WB-23401-000 WaxBuster (single unit replacement box) - Blue
WB WB-23402-000 WaxBuster bushing - Red
WB WB-23403-000 WaxBuster bushing - Blue
WB WB-23405-000 WaxBuster (single unit bulk) - Red
WB WB-23406-000 WaxBuster (single unit bulk) - Blue
WB WB-23407-000 Wax Guard Tube
WB WB-23408-000 Wax Guard Tube
WB WB-23409-000 Wax Guard Tube
WB WB-23410-000 Wax Guard Tube
WB WB-23413-000 Wax Guard Tube
WB WB-23606-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23607-000 MicroWaxBuster (single unit bulk)
WB WB-23608-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23609-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23610-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23611-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23613-000 MicroWaxBuster replacement tool
WB WB-23614-000 MicroWaxBuster (single unit replacement box)
WB WB-23615-000 MicroWaxBuster (6 pcs. replacement box)
WB WB-23616-000 MicroWaxBuster cleaning pad
WB WB-23631-000 MicroWaxBuster Tube
WB WB-23632-000 WaxBuster Tube
WB WB-23633-000 MicroWax Guard Tube
WB WB-23828-000 NoWax (Dispenser box 10 * 6 pcs)
WB WB-23832-000 NoWax replacement tool
WB WB-23833-000 NoWax (single unit bulk)