Balanced armature receivers

Knowles balanced armature technology allows the creation of compact listening components with high power output. These sub-miniature drivers are utilized in a variety of high performance hearing health, audio, and communication products. The technology provides a capability that enables audio engineers to fashion optimized listening experiences for their customers by finely tuning the driver to meet specific applications such as Bluetooth® headsets and premium earphones.

Hearing instruments features:

  • Advanced noise reducing options
  • Custom-crafted performance
  • Improved durability

Knowles' balanced armature technology platform uplifts the design and development of receivers for more advanced hearing aid solutions. Precise, custom-crafted performance is facilitated by such proprietary design possibilities as Pantograph™ higher audio output, Ferrofluid™ damping, Wide Bandwidth for high-frequency hearing loss, D-Amp™ internal power management, and Vibration Isolation for superior gain-before-feedback.

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Premium audio features

  • Precision crafted for clear, high-quality audio
  • Low-mass diaphragm for precise sound reproduction
  • Specialized reeds that enable true-to-recording sound, regardless of sound type
  • Separation of instruments for a concert-hall or vinyl-record listening experience
  • Ability to use multiple drivers in each earphone, with each driver delivering sound for specified musical range
  • Small in-ear footprint for added design flexibility
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • More output per cubic millimeter (mm3)

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Radio communications features

  • High efficiency, stability, and reliability
  • Ideal for critical communications applications
  • Realistic, high fidelity environmental sound pass-through
  • Customizable performance and port locations
  • Component and subassembly solutions 

Knowles sub-miniature drivers are based on balanced armature technology. Their small size allows for smaller, lightweight radio communications earpieces suitable for all-day wear. Accurate sound reproduction provides both increased vocal intelligibility and accurate reproduction of environmental sounds passed through to the earpiece – important in critical applications such as military communications and ear protection devices. Knowles balanced armature drivers are available in a number of sizes and efficiencies, which can be finely tuned to meet your specific performance requirements. They can be designed to fit inside ear molds, assembled into earpieces, or be sub-assembled by Knowles into your communications device.


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