Technical bulletins

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TB-02 Receiver Testing: Maximum current modulation (MCM)

Testing of DC-biased receivers for receiver response and distortion under real-life scenarios using a more accurate test method

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TB-04 Soldering transducer leads

Recommended procedures and process parameters for prepping and soldering to Knowles Electronics transducers. Details on terminal construction, external leads, soldering iron, solder, flux, fixtures, and tools physical requirements are presented along with lead soldering and lead removal methods.

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TB-07 Effects of source impedance upon receiver response

The impedance of the signal source with respect to the receiver's impedance can affect the shape of the response curve. The impact of source impedance vs. receiver impedance matching is presented for constant current, constant voltage, and maximum available power drives.

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TB-08 Microphone and Balanced Armature Receiver Handling and Environmental Guidelines

Protocols for transducer handling, holding fixtures, soldering, contaminants, ESD, temperature, humidity, radiation, and pressure changes are listed. Also, application guidelines and recommendations for shock and vibration, contaminants, ESD, temperature, humidity, radiation, and pressure are detailed.

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TB-14 The effect of acoustic damping plugs on receiver response

Use of the BF series dampers to smooth receiver response curve resonance peaks for CI, EF, ED, and EH series receivers. Impact of various amounts of acoustic resistance, difference damper styles, different damper diameters, and different damper positioning is examined via numerous examples.

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TB-17 Broader band BK application notes

Various impacts on broader-band BK receiver response as tubing length, tubing diameter, tubing material, cavity size, coupler type, and drive source are varied.

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TB-22 Magnetic leakage for receivers

Examination of magnetic radiation (mag rad) phenomina for BK, BP, ED, and EF series receivers. Mag rad field amplitude, field orientation, and critical frequencies are discussed.

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TB-23 Mounting application notes

General transducer physical mounting suggestions for antishock mounting, soldering, and acoustic transmission are reviewed.

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