Application notes

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AN-01 Transducer Signal Port Location Key

Provides key to Knowles' port location and terminal location naming system for all microphones and receivers. Numerous examples of various port locations are provided.

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AN-08 HC series high-output receivers

Application and designers' guide to understanding and using the HC series High-Output receiver. Covers design basis, comparies HC series performance to FC receivers, ED receivers, and Microtronic 2600 receivers for nominal response, maximum power output (MPO), efficiency, distortion, and square wave repsonses. Details acoustic tubing, coil impedance, and damping impacts of HC receiver response and performance.

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AN-10 Transducer warranty date code numbering system

Knowles Electronics system nomenclature for laser-marking manufacturing date codes with week and year of manufacture and warranty period is detailed. Warranty extension markings are reviewed along with numerous examples of date code markings.

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AN-13 Soldering to Knowles transducers

Aids the user in assembling Knowles transducers into finished products with good soldering reliability while avoiding heat damage.

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