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Knowles engineers and produces customized microphone designs for mobile consumer electronics, hearing aid applications, and emerging IOT devices.

SiSonic™ surface mount MEMS

SiSonic™ surface mount MEMS

  • New MaxRF models eliminate GSM/TDMA burst noise and provide wide-band RF noise suppression
  • UltraMini footprint - less than 11.5mm
  • Slim UltraMini footprint - less than 8.5mm
  • Digital mics eliminate analog noise


  • Standard and waterproof
  • Flexible and rigid styles
  • Boom housing available in plastic and metal
  • Customized lengths and end terminations


  • Robust reliability and high performance
  • Does not require a bias voltage
Waterproof Speakers


  • Highly waterproof and submersible
  • Withstand explosive decompression
  • Excellent environmental performance
  • Corrosion resistant
Piezo ceramic

Piezo ceramic

  • Ceramic vibration designs
  • High vibration sensitivity
  • High resistance to mechanical shock
Subminiature Performance

Subminiature performance

  • Wide range of size and performance options
  • Magnetic, piezo ceramic and electret condenser
  • Low noise and RF filtering versions