Technical bulletins

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TB-01 Stability of amplifier systems connected to the BL microphone

Discussion of amplifier stability with regards to bias voltage, regulation, and power requirements. Both odd-numbered stage amplifiers and even-numbered stage amplifiers are examined

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TB-03 Effects of sound inlet variations on microphone response

The impact of various sound inlet tubing is discussed, including tubing diameter, length, and acoustic resistance impact on microphone reponse peak frequency, high frequency sensitivity, and overall microphone sensitivity.

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TB-04 Soldering transducer leads

Recommended procedures and process parameters for prepping and soldering to Knowles Electronics transducers. Details on terminal construction, external leads, soldering iron, solder, flux, fixtures, and tools physical requirements are presented along with lead soldering and lead removal methods.

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TB-05 Walk induced head vibrations and hearing aid design

Review of various sources of human body movement induced vibration that impact hearing aid performance, including "head thumps", "walk acceleration", and other physical motions that hearing aids interpret as spurious acoustic signals.

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TB-08 Microphone and Balanced Armature Receiver Handling and Environmental Guidelines

Protocols for transducer handling, holding fixtures, soldering, contaminants, ESD, temperature, humidity, radiation, and pressure changes are listed. Also, application guidelines and recommendations for shock and vibration, contaminants, ESD, temperature, humidity, radiation, and pressure are detailed.

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TB-11 Effectrs of variation of supply voltage on the sensitivity of the BL microphone

The impact on BL microphone sensitivity by using supply voltages from 0.9VDC to 20.0VDC is discussed.

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TB-12 Application notes for BL series microphones

General design guidelines and application suggestions for the BL series microphones including 3-wire and 2-wire pre-amp/driver circuits and the reduction of power supply ripple voltage.

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TB-23 Mounting application notes

General transducer physical mounting suggestions for antishock mounting, soldering, and acoustic transmission are reviewed.

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