GA series

The GA Series Microphone is a brand new microphone design with unique size and shape. Its elongated 2mm x 2mm x 4mm dimensions are ideal for directional applications, allowing you ultimate flexibility in terminal pad area placement. And the GA is using the new 38 circuit providing excellent sensitivity and noise performance for package size. The GA targets space efficiency in BTE and ITE designs; BTE: End-to-end configuration provides 8mm spacing for directionality while ITE: smaller cross sectional area than FG Series.


GA series
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Product Families Model ID Dimensions 1 kHz sensitivity Port Location Response Directional Peak Frequency Noise Max (Input Ref.) Noise Max (Output Noise) Downloads
GA GA38-30775-000 2.00mm X 2.00mm x 4.00mm -53 12N n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
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