Knowles Balanced Armature Education Center

Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers are precision-crafted and tuned to provide clear, immersive, high-performance audio. The resources below provide more detail on this premium audio technology.

The Science of Premium Sound

Using Miniature Transducers

The performance and versatility of balanced armature drivers enables premium sound in highly miniaturized devices, from sophisticated digital hearing aids to wearable-computing systems


In-Ear Wearables:  Achieving

Superior Sound in a Smaller Package

As health and fitness enthusiasts take notice of the benefits of  “wearable computing” devices, Balanced Armature driver technology stands ready to optimize their in-ear listening capabilities.


Balanced Armature Technology

Advances Listening Clarity

Meticulously manufactured to ensure crystal-clear sound reproduction, Knowles Balanced Armature driver technology produces immersive, high-fidelity audio that delivers a true-to-recording in-ear earphone listening experience. 


Balanced Armature – Premium

Micro-Acoustic Technology

Learn how Balanced Armature technology addresses the three most compelling satisfaction criteria of audio consumers: sound quality, aesthetics, and comfort. 


Balanced Armature Drivers for

High Fidelity Earphones and Wearables

A comprehensive overview of Knowles Balanced Armature products and applications including historical information and how the technology has developed over time.


The Journey of Sound

Portability creates unique challenges for audio engineers as they develop listening technologies, with Knowles Balanced Armature Micro-Acoustic driver technology providing a high-performance solution.