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Hearing aid components & accessories

Together, we can do more for the hearing impaired — starting with an improved integrated faceplate for the manufacturing and servicing of hearing aids, as well as the development of better hearing aid component designs.



  • Coils feature a polyurethane coating for optimal environmental protection
  • 5200 series SMT telecoil are readily available in tape-and-reel packaging for pick-and-place installation
  • 5300 series active telecoils feature RFI suppression


  • Knowles' pushbutton product line features multiple driver and cap configurations to accommodate various tactile responses and activation forces
  • "Overtravel" design on Knowles' 2900 series pushbutton enables electrical contact prior to full pushbutton travel for superior mechanical actuation
  • 2005 series slide switch features a fully enclosed housing which minimizes risk of corrosion and contamination
  • Custom design capabilities are available through Knowles' research and development team for advanced applications that may have special requirements
Programming accessories

Programming accessories

  • New SMT style sockets are compatible with existing socket cap designs, and are available in tape-and-reel packaging for pick-and-place installation
  • Private labeling available for all cable product lines
  • Custom cable development available for advanced or non-traditional programming interface applications
Face Plate

Integrated faceplate module

Our new integrated faceplate module simplifies manufacturing and servicing by integrating the pushbutton, battery door, programming block, and microphone. The assembly firmly attaches and easily detaches from the faceplate with one removal tool.