Integrated faceplate module

  • Supports full range of ITE and BTE designs
  • System assembly and integration available
  • 3 and 4 terminal programming versions available
  • Boot design protects battery
  • Common and industry standard battery door
  • Custom pcb designs available

Our new integrated faceplate module simplifies manufacturing and servicing by integrating the pushbutton, battery door, programming block, and microphone. The assembly firmly attaches and easily detaches from the faceplate with one removal tool.


Face Plate

System Components...

System Components

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Faceplate designed in collaboration with In'Tech, one of the world's leading faceplate companies.

8200 Product Sheet

Easy to remove...

Extraction tool removes the battery door. The tool then hooks into the module and lifts the module from the faceplate.


Easy to attach...

Simply position the module into the faceplate and press down to click into place. The battery door then snaps into place by hand.