GQ series balanced armature speakers

The GQ is a two-way balanced armature system with added low frequency headroom, designed for pro-audio\in-ear application. Enables customized cross-over response to achieve target frequency response.


Balanced armature speakers GQ series
Product Families Model ID Dimensions Sensitivity Port Location Imp @ 1kHz Imp @ 500 Hz Ferrofluid MPO 500 MPO Pk ダウンロード
GQ GQ-30710-000 6.30 x 4.29 x 4.92 (mm) 106.0 12S 90.0 51.7 na na na
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GQ GQ-30783-000 6.30 x 4.29 x 4.92 (mm) 109.5 12S 37.0 21.5 na na na
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