The Science of Premium Sound Using Miniature Transducers

The performance and versatility of balanced armature drivers enables premium sound in highly miniaturized devices, from sophisticated digital hearing aids to wearable-computing systems.

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In-Ear Wearables

As health and fitness enthusiasts take notice of the benefits of “wearable computing” devices, Balanced Armature driver technology stands ready to optimize their in-ear listening capabilities. Read the latest white paper to learn more.

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Hear What Consumers Have to Say

A recent Audio Consumer Study shows Sound Quality is by far the most important factor when it comes to earphone satifaction.  Hear first hand from consumers at CES, and how Knowles Balanced Armature drivers address their preferences.

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Balanced Armature Products

Knowles balanced armature drivers are precision crafted and tuned to provide clear, immersive high-performance audio.  Learn about the full line of balanced armature drivers from Knowles.

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