New product: I²S digital MEMS microphone

In response to the growth of smaller, more efficient devices, Knowles developed the most advanced Inter-IC Sound, or I²S, interface MEMS microphone for wearables, smartphones, remote controllers, automotive, and smart appliances.Using this I²S interface, the bottom port digital MEMS microphone allows manufacturers to connect directly to an application processors or microcontrollers. The result is a more efficient architecture due to decreased complexity, increased battery performance, and a lower cost bill of material. As a result, Knowles’ solution is superior in size and power consumption, with a 25 percent smaller footprint and 50 percent lower current consumption than competitive products.The new technology easily integrates with existing mobile device architecture and simplifies system integration through a direct connection to signal processors.



Product Families Model ID Dimensions Analog/Digital Port 1 kHz Sensitivity SNR Ultrasonic Boost Sensitivity Tolerance Max Current Draw 다운로드
SPH SPH0645LM4H-B 3.50 x 2.65 x 0.98mm Digital Bottom -26 dBV 65 No +/- 3 dB 600
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