Knowles Audience™ software solutions include The World's Most Intelligent Voice Processor software.  Knowles Voice Wake for always-on, always listening, voice wake solution and sensor Fusion for high accurate, small footprint, Voice Wake 10-axis sensor fusion solution for smartphones and wearable devices. Knowles Audience software solutions are targeting to work with embedded digital signal processors (DSP), such as Qualcomm open DSP (QDSP), ARM, Tensilica and CEVA. For availability and schedule, please contact your local Knowles sales and representatives.

Based on algorithms that mimic the way the human brain processes audio input, our software’s innovative voice processing technologies improve clarity and fidelity for all VoIP, conference call, and speech recognition applications, while affording OEMs cost-cutting design flexibility in both number and placement of microphones.

With clearer calls and better speech recognition, users expect to hear and be heard in noisy environments, such as a cafeteria or close to busy traffic.



360 voice

360° voice

Allows conference call participants to be heard clearly, regardless of their position relative to the device. 360° voice technology allows smartphone designers greater freedom than legacy beamforming solutions, which typically process signals from two to four microphones pointed at the assumed position of the user.



Intelligent key click

Intelligent key click removal

Neuroscience-inspired to deliver a deeper level of keystroke noise suppression in periods of both quiet and speech. Leveraging deep neural network techniques to Knowles intelligent key click removal maintains natural voice quality, allowing users to stay productive without disrupting conference calls.



Speech recognition assist

Speech recognition assist

Leveraging Knowles advanced voice noise suppression technologies, our custom hardware-accelerated algorithms enhance machine comprehension for speech recognition apps, delivering accuracy improvements of up to 40%.




Acoustic design flexibility

Acoustic design flexibility

Because Knowles' family of earSmart algorithms do not solely depend on microphones pointed directly at the user, designers can place them in bezels, palm rests, or other areas that don’t require drilling holes through glass—without sacrificing quality.