Knowles Audience™ eS700 series

The eS700 series is a top to bottom multisensory product family based on the science of cognitive processing. This flagship product line includes our industry proven advanced voice capabilities combined with always-on sensor fusion and voice wake technologies. The various members of the eS700 family each feature a subset of these technologies.

This new family also marks the introduction of Voice Wake software. Voice Wake is an always-on software that enables a device to continuously listen to its surroundings, and act upon a configurable voice command without the need for interaction via touch, with minimal battery life impact. This information can then be used to power applications spanning fitness, navigation and activity recognition, as well as the ability to detect typical smartphone gestures such as taps, shakes, swipes and more.

More than a decade of research and development into cognitive computing enables us to deliver this level of functionality at the lowest power possible, extending battery life when using these new applications.

The eS700 series of products deliver transformative levels of performance and innovation for voice and audio processing.

With the eS700 series, we partner with developers to enable them to access the eS700 series full feature-set and create applications that deliver new user experiences and new levels of advanced voice interaction with mobile devices. Dependable, always-on voice detection and actuation is the next must-have mobile technology, and the new eS700 series delivers this compelling user experience with minimal battery life impact.


Advanced voice

Advanced voice

All products in the eS700 series feature Fourth generation voice processing features including wind noise suppression, Omni-directional far talk, advanced 3-mic noise suppression, bandwidth expansion to compensate for low bandwidth networks and acoustic echo cancellation. 



Always-on voice wake

Always-on Voice Wake

The new eS700 products feature voice wake software which enables the device to be in always listening mode and ready to understand and act upon verbal commands without significantly impacting battery life. Software also includes support for user configurable keywords for personalization and continuous voice wake capability, which allows the user to speak naturally, without having to introduce an awkward pause between the prompt and the following command to wake the device. 



Audio focus

Audio focus and multimedia enhancements

The eS700 family features a host of improvements across key multimedia use cases including second generation concert mode which allows for expanded options for recording clear, crisp stereo audio to accompany HD video. The focus of the recording can stay on the intended subject in a scene while distractions and unwanted sound are suppressed. The eS700 series also provides a range of audio playback enhancements including virtual bass boost, stereo widening, multi-band compression and parametric EQs.