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Knowles’ deep history, best-in-class talent, and unmatched capabilities in acoustics, software, and signal processing, enables us to solve our customers’ critical audio challenges for the Mobile, Ear and IoT markets.

As the industry’s the leading provider of high-performance audio solutions, Knowles delivers improved audio quality, and enables consumers to better control technology with voice.

Knowles history

Milestones through the years. 2017: ships 10 billionth SiSonic MEMS microphone. 2016: celebrates 70th anniversary, launches Versant advanced voice technology for hearables. 2015: Acquires Audience, inc., a leading global provider of advanced voice and audio processors for mobile products. 2014: Develops the world's first digital microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth; develops digital multi-mode, low power MEMS microphone enabling 'Always On' technology; Knowles(KN) established as publicly-traded company; Amazon introduces the world to Amazon Echo and Alexa. 2011: Ships two billionth SiSonic MEMS microphone. 2007: introduces balanced armature technology for premium earphones. 2005: Dover corporation acquires Knowles. 2003: Launches 2nd-gen. SiSonic microphone, enabling thinner cell phones; consumers embrace the world's first razor-thin cell phone. 2002: Introduces world's first MEMS microphone, the SiSonic series. 1999: Knowles family sells Knowles to private equity. 1994: Introduces acoustic devices for global consumer electronics. 1989: Opens Hugh Knowles Center for Hearing Research at Northwestern University. 1974: Opens first Knowles Asian manufacturing center. 1969: Captures Neil Armstrong's words from the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. 1954: develops first miniature microphone and receiver for hearing aids. 1946: Knowles founded by Hugh Knowles