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Audio Processor IA8508

The IA8508 is a multi-core, high-performance, ultra-low power audio processing platform optimized for mobile, ear-worn and IoT products with Open DSP flexibility and a host of connectivity options.

The IA8508 audio processor is a combination of four unique cores, 8 PDM microphone interfaces, and 5.7MB of memory. Three heterogeneous Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores and an ARM Cortex M4 maximize design flexibility. The DSP cores deliver low latency, high capacity processing for audio and machine learning computations, while the Cortex M4 blends signal processing with general-purpose controller capability. The IA8508 processes up to 8 digital PDM microphones and connects with up to 6x bidirectional multi-channel I2S/TDM links and a stereo PDM output.  Processor interfaces include SPI, I2C, UART, and GPIOs.
IA8508 is available in three package options- BGA, QFN and CSP.

All four cores can simultaneously run high performance floating-point algorithms leveraging the IA8508’s 5.7MB of RAM. The multicore audio processor can be configured advantageously into an ultra-low power system targeting power-conscious designs. Low-latency is guaranteed by a single sample processor (SSP) core for real-time processing for audio applications such as ANC (active noise cancellation) or asynchronous sample rate conversions of various audio sources. Audio algorithms are optimized with instruction sets that feature high capacity 4-way SIMD floating point processing. Lightweight floating-point representation built into the architecture maintains audio signal fidelity while remaining in low power.
Deep Neural Network (DNN) hardware acceleration is optimized with an instruction set that features high capacity 16-way SIMD for machine learning.

The IA8508, an Open DSP platform, is bringing together leading contributors to the intelligent voice ecosystem for improving audio performance in a variety of use-cases. This Knowles partner program brings world-class algorithm and cloud contributors to an ecosystem where a multitude of solutions solve complex audio problems, increasing the versatility of an IA8508 based solution.

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