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Human voice is becoming the new user interface to communicate with machines. The rise of voice interaction with computers and mobile phones has opened up many of the devices that were previously not open to rich human interaction. Recent developments such as smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home), light bulbs, thermostats, etc. are able to interact by voice commands.  Despite the voice becoming a new user interface, challenges remain because of the complexity of voice interactions. A machine’s ability to recognize human voice accurately in the right context depends upon different noise conditions, distance from the machine, clarity and loudness of the human voice, and many other issues that make the interaction unreliable and unnatural.

Knowles is solving this problem launching the world’s first context aware, machine learning optimized, audio processor, IA8508. Because of the complexity and diversity of voice interactions, Knowles has adopted the open architecture approach for the IA8508 and the previously announced, IA610. This enables algorithm, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) companies to run their code on Knowles’ powerful hardware platform for a natural and frictionless user experience.

Knowles offers a full developer platform including a Software Development Kit (SDK), plugin-based framework, example plugins, Evaluation Module (EVM), compiler toolchain, test applications, optimized DSP toolkit libraries, and comprehensive documentation. The DSP SDK is based on the familiar Tensilica toolchain and includes a chip simulator environment for easy development and debugging. For the ARM Cortex M4 on the IA8508, Knowles supports standard and widely used ARM toolchains.

Developers like the power of using Knowles’ efficient DSP-focused floating point instructions for shortening their time to market while maintaining the highest fidelity in an easy-to-develop environment. Finally, the IA8508 heterogeneous cores allow developers to target right power profile for the algorithms.

Partnering with algorithm, ASR, and NLU companies, Knowles is developing an ecosystem that is pushing the boundaries of audio processing and creates a new reliable user experience. Some of our current partners have to say the following:

Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory:
“Knowles continues to innovate most recently through their OpenDSP platform architecture providing both power efficiency and versatility. The Knowles OpenDSP platform environment enables quick and smooth integration of 3rd-party IP and this is evidenced by the recent successful enablement of Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree technology.”

Paul Beckmann, CTO/Founder, DSP Concepts:
"DSP Concepts is glad to be partnering with Knowles and providing a graphical audio design framework for their OpenDSP architecture.  Our benchmarks show that Knowles' processors are the most power efficient floating-point audio DSPs in their class and will enable the next generation of advanced wearable and hearable products.  With DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver framework, product makers can accelerate their time to market and create superior designs by working graphically at a system level."

Dr Chris Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Audio Analytic:
“A flexible platform architecture is key to the success of intelligent, context-sensing capabilities, such as sound recognition. We are very excited to work with Knowles on their OpenDSP platform architecture, as it provides the perfect blend of power efficiency and versatility for consumer tech manufacturers. What’s more, the Knowles OpenDSP platform environment enables the smooth integration of Audio Analytic’s ai3 sound recognition software for our customers.”   

Benny Saban, CEO, Prontoly:

“Prontoly is extremely honored to partner with an industry leader such as Knowles. We consider audio to be the ultimate means for out-of-band communication and the audio processor to be the ultimate sensor. Prontoly provides audio based secure connection, distance measurement, pairing and authentication between devices, thus, our unique technology together with Knowles’ state-of-the-art processor, makes a perfect fit to match current and future market demands.”

Current partners include:

Knowles Partners

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