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At Knowles, we are passionate about superior audio experiences and natural voice interactions. We developed this blog as a "sounding board" for topics and issues related to the technology, challenges and opportunities for audio and voice-enabled devices.



2021 As We Hear It – Knowles SVP’s Voice Predictions for the Upcoming Year 

January 18, 2021  -  Brian Crannell

What are the opportunities for Voice in 2021? Our SVP of Corporate Development, Brian Crannell looks at three key trends in Audio and Voice that afford new experiences and immediate impact in his recent piece for EE Times.  

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New Audio and Sensor Features Highlight the Importance of Edge Processing 

November 14, 2019  -  Mike Adell and Adam Abed

Leading mobile, ear and IoT device makers are constantly looking for differentiation that will drive end-user adoption and sales. 

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Challenges 5G Brings to RF Filtering 

October 29, 2019

In the race to implement mainstream 5G wireless communication, the world is waiting to see if this next-generation network will achieve a hundredfold increase in user data rates.

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The Future Is Now: How Speech Recognition Came To Be, And How A Tiny Audio Edge Processor Plays A Critical Role 

June 18, 2019   -   Sam Toba, Knowles Intelligent Audio

Today, we will talk about what exactly a dedicated audio edge processor can do, focusing on voice as a user interface including voice wake which makes this an ideal power-efficient solution.  But before we dive into this topic, it helps to understand the history of speech recognition. 

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Dedicated Audio Processors at the Edge are the Future. Here are the Reasons Why. 

April 9, 2019   -   John Young, Knowles Intelligent Audio

In the evolution of computing, digital devices were initially powered by generic microcontrollers and microprocessors. As specialized applications became more complex, VLIW engines or DSPs rose in popularity. A similar progression also took place for video processing with specially-optimized video processors emerging to enable advanced functionalities for digital television, immersive gaming, 3D and VR. 

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