Board of Directors

Richard K. Lochridge

Richard K. Lochridge
President - Lochridge & Co., Inc.

Knowles director since: February 2014

Mr. Lochridge served as president of Lochridge & Company, Inc., a management consulting firm from 1986, until he retired in 2010.

As an expert on strategic planning, management styles, succession planning and similar matters, Mr. Lochridge’s experience in management consulting makes him a valuable contributor to the Board. For many years, he worked with Boston Consulting Group where a majority of his experience was with non-U.S. companies or covering international or global markets. There, he was responsible for the general management of Boston Consulting Group’s international offices. His consulting work has enabled him to work closely with the boards and senior management of many public companies on complex and important transactions and projects in global arenas, giving him experience and insight that is beneficial to Knowles.

Additional Board experience includes 29 years of serving on the Boards of seven public companies, including the two on which he currently serves (in addition to Knowles): Dover (since 1999) and The Lowe’s Company, Inc. (since 1998). Mr. Lochridge is also the former director of PetSmart, Inc. (from 1998 to 2015).