Staff Bios

Jean-Pierre M. Ergas

Jean-Pierre M. Ergas
Chairman of the Board

Knowles director since: February 2014

Mr. Ergas has served as the managing partner of Ergas Ventures, LLC since 2010. He is also the former chief executive officer (from 2000 to 2007) of BWAY Corporation, a steel and plastic container manufacturer, and American National Can Company, Cedegur Pechiney, Cebal S.A. and Alcan Europe, and former senior executive at Pechiney S.A. and Alcan Aluminum Limited.

Mr. Ergas brings to the Board substantial international management experience as a former chief executive officer and Chairman of five companies in the United States and Europe. Drawing on his background, knowledge and experience managing all aspects of international businesses, including privatizations, acquisitions, cross-border transactions, post-merger integrations, productivity and performance initiatives, Mr. Ergas contributes to the Board’s oversight of matters involving Knowles’ operations in international markets, business development and corporate strategies, as well as acquisition and divestiture activities. Mr. Ergas holds an MBA from Harvard University.

Additional Board experience includes serving as director (since 1995) and former chairman of the Board of Directors (from 2000 to 2010) of BWAY Corporation, as well as director of Dover (since 1994) and Plastic Omnium (since 1990).