Hear what you’ve been missing

Premium Sound

Despite their tiny size, balanced armature drivers offer incredibly detailed and accurate sound. Their thin, lightweight diaphragms and stationary coils allow for more efficient sound reproduction and unprecedented clarity. And because the coil doesn’t move, more copper can be used, resulting in a reduction of restrictive losses.

Requires Less Power

Hybrid EarbudIn in-ear wearables, power consumption is an important consideration. A typical dynamic speaker can consume up to six times more power than a Knowles balanced  armature driver for the same listening level.

Small and Lightweight

Quarter in Hand with Ear ChipFit and comfort are major factors for earphone purchases, especially for extended use. Balanced armature drivers are typically about 1/3 the size of the smallest dynamic speakers. This allows for a smaller, more comfortable earpiece design.

Little or no space is required in the enclosure for “back volume,” which typically takes up a great deal of room in a traditional system. The unvented balanced armature design yields a balanced acoustic signature, well-suited for music and voice applications. Vented models are used with a small amount of back volume to create earphones with warm, rich bass.

Additionally, multiple drivers may be used in either all-BA or hybrid systems to deliver further improvements in sound quality. In a hybrid system the addition of a balanced armature tweeter to improve treble response can be accomplished with little or no size penalty.

In active applications such as in-ear fitness wearables, the small footprint of balanced armature drivers allows more room for accompanying electronics, sensors, and battery.