Knowles offers boom microphones that utilize magnetic microphone elements. These elements generate their own signal and, unlike traditional dynamic microphones, do not require a bias voltage. This feature can be helpful to ensure compatibility with radios. BJ-based boom microphones have been chosen over dynamic microphones to upgrade performance and reliability for military and first responder applications.


  • Robust reliability and high performance
  • Does not require a bias voltage

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BJ-21590-000 No Downloads available for BJ-21590-000 BJ 7.92mm x 5.70mm x 4.14mm (.312in x .224in x .163in) -75 0Jn Omni-directional
BJ-28411-000 No Downloads available for BJ-28411-000 BJ 7.92mm x 5.70mm x 4.14mm (.312in x .224in x .163in) -88 0n / 12n Noise Canceling