IA610 & IA611 Product Overview


The IA610 and IA611 (IA61x) are a family of “always-on” SmartMics (microphones) featuring Voice Wake and Voice ID keyword detectors, a 43MHz Tensilica audio-optimized DSP, and Knowles’ high performance acoustic SiSonicTM MEMS technology in a single, miniature, microphone package. The integrated programmable DSP is made available to 3rd-party algorithms, enabling full customization (IA611). The solution pushes the system performance to ultra-low power with its custom core design and optimized instruction set. It accelerates time-to-market with its complete hardware, software, firmware, code and tools package. The SmartMic family offers the DSP Concepts Audio Weaver® tool as a complement to the Knowles AuVid design suite.



Product Features

  • High-accuracy, low-power voice wake and Voice ID keyword recognition to wake up any system from a trigger phrase
  • Onboard buffer enables seamless voice wake operation
  • Ultra-low power “always on” Acoustic Activity Detector (AAD)
  • Beamforming for enhanced sound quality
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for voice recognition over music
  • Open Developer Platform with SDK
  • High Performance SiSonic MEMS with ±1 dB matched sensitivity, 65 dB SNR and 135 dB SPL Acoustic Overload Point
  • Application Memory Size:  168KB
  • IA610 available in bottom port SPH 3.50 x 2.65 x 0.98 mm package, and IA611 available in open DSP top port SPK 4 x 3 x 1.2 mm package