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Portable Audio Devices

Balanced armature earphones offer an alternative for anyone demanding a premium, immersive sound experience from their smart phone, MP3 player, or other portable audio device. Music, videos, and even phone conversations can dramatically benefit from the detail, clarity and realism that balanced armature technology provides.

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Balanced armature drivers are the obvious choice for hearables. Their size allows for a smaller, lighter, and more comfortable earpiece, with plenty of room for electronics, sensors and batteries.

Because they draw as little as a sixth of the power of dynamic speakers, balanced armature drivers are an ideal choice in active systems—especially hearables. 

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Professional In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

Musicians are among the most discerning when it comes to faithful sound reproduction. Practically every major manufacturer relies on balanced armature drivers for their high-end in-ear monitors.

Systems can be bought off-the-shelf, or custom-made using molds made of the musician’s ears for a perfect fit.

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Hearing Aids

Balanced armature drivers were originally developed specifically for hearing aids, and they continue to be the only viable option to this day. They’re small, lightweight, and consume less power with more output. The same advantages employed by hearing aid manufacturers for years are now being adopted for today’s advanced active hearables.