RF / Microwave

RF / Microwave Filters

A wide range of filters, from 300 MHz to 75 GHz in Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass and Bandstop configurations.


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KNO_website 480x250_RF Power Dividers

Power Dividers

Offered for both solder surface mount (SMT) and chip and wire hybrid (WB) assembly applications, these components use our low loss, high permittivity dielectric materials to provide small size and temperature stability.

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High frequency directional couplers incorporating our high permittivity ceramic materials.

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KNO_website 480x250_RF Resonators


Cavity and coaxial resonators made with modern, high performance ceramic dielectric materials.

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Custom-Designed Components

Our experienced team of RF designers are focused on enhancing performance and size utilizing our ceramic materials to meet your design challenges.

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KNO_website 480x250_RF BTP


Offering Build-to-Print services designed to facilitate thin film product design, manufacturing and testing from prototype to high volume production.

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