Hear what you’ve been missing

Premium Sound

Despite their tiny size, balanced armature drivers offer incredibly detailed and accurate sound. Their thin, lightweight diaphragms are highly responsive for unprecedented clarity. And because the coil doesn’t move, more copper can be used, resulting in lower power consumption.

Small Size, Premium Sound

Designers of modern hearables must balance sound quality and features with comfort, discreet appearance, and battery life. Manufacturers of hearing aids have wrestled with these issues for decades. It is no coincidence that virtually all of the world's hearing aid companies have chosen balanced armature drivers for their devices.

Knowles' tiny balanced armature drivers occupy less than 1/2 the volume of the smallest dynamic speakers, yet provide premium sound. Small enough to fit in the ear tip, balanced armature drivers allow more room in hearables for sensors, additional features, or a larger battery, without sacrificing comfort. Their high efficiency means longer battery life in the coming next generation of hearables as they do for hearing aids today.

In wired or wireless earphones, balanced armature drivers are small enough to replicate the performance of premium loudspeakers by allowing separate woofers, mid-range drivers, and tweeters to be combined in a single package.