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Knowles is the world leader in balanced armature solutions. We want you to understand the technology, its applications, and how it can work for you. Check back often for the latest news, updates and insights into the future of pure, premium sound. 


Leveraging AI for Next-Generation Hearing Enhancement

Giles Tongue of Chatable and Andrew Bellavia of Knowles, with host Dave Kemp
This Week in Hearing podcast - August 17, 2021

Giles and Andrew describe the partnership to bring AI-based conversation enhancement to TWS earbuds, and how Knowles’ new TWS developers’ kit enables advanced use cases including premium sound, hands-free voice wake, and more.

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Soundpeats H1 TWS Hybrid Earphones Are Well Worth A Listen

Mark Sparrow
Forbes – August 6, 2021

Review article of TWS earphone and the role Knowles plays in delivering premium sound.

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Design Guide: Creating ANC Earphones with Balanced Armatures

Thomas Miller, Engineering Fellow
EDN Magazine – July 27, 2021

Helps engineers create ANC earphones and hearables with balanced armature and hybrid drivers.

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Multi-Driver BA Earphones & IEMs

Andrew Bellavia
CES Webinar – May 4, 2021

Andrew Bellavia describes why multiple balanced armature drivers are used in earphones & IEMs, and the design considerations that go into making a successful multi-driver IEM.

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Improving Understanding of Speech in Noise

Dave Kemp & Andrew Bellavia, with guest Giles Tongue of Chatable
FuturEar Radio Podcast Episode 65 – March 31, 2021

With Giles Tongue, CEO of Chatable, Dave Kemp & Andrew Bellavia explore the latest advances coming to TWS hearables – machine learning software to improve speech understanding in noise. 

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True Wireless Earphone Trends

Andrew Bellavia
CES Webinar - Updated March 29, 2021

Newly updated with recent developments in HD Audio, Andrew Bellavia discusses the latest trends in TWS earphones, how successful companies are meeting customer demands, and how Knowles contributes to the success of those designing future-facing devices. 

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Premium Audio Goes Mainstream

Shay Kamin Braun
Knowles 'Sounding Board' Blog - March 9, 2021

When premium audio "experiences a leap forward, hardware evolves to match." Shay Kamin Braun shares more on our blog.

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Hearables' Massive Growth in 2020 & What's on the Hearables Horizon

Dave Kemp & Andrew Bellavia, with guest Luke Pearce of Futuresource
FuturEar Radio Podcast Episode 60 - February 18, 2021

Dave Kemp and Andrew Bellavia break down Futuresource’s recent Hearables Market Report 2020 with Market Analyst Luke Pearce, discussing key trends fueling growth in hearables demand. 

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Seven Industry Leaders Share Their Vision for 2021 in Hearables and Voice

Including Andrew Bellavia
FuturEar Radio Podcast Episode 45 - December 17, 2020

Seven guests in hearing and voice answer the question, "what are you looking forward to in 2021 as it relates to your industry, expertise and passion?" 

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MEMS Mic Design, Performance, and Application in ANC Headsets

Erik Wiederholtz
THD Podcast Episode 15 - October 19, 2020

Knowles engineer Erik Wiederholtz takes a deep dive into MEMS microphone construction and performance with an emphasis on applications for noise cancelling headsets.

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Balanced Armatures: Why You Might (or Might Not) Want Them

Brent Butterworth
SoundStage! Solo - October 1, 2020

Dynamic drivers and balanced armatures are very different in form and performance. SoundStage! Solo’s Brent Butterworth interviewed Knowles director of market development, Andrew Bellavia, and senior principal engineer, Tom Miller about the advantages and disadvantages of balanced armatures.  

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Review: Mackie MP-360 IEMs with Knowles Balanced Armatures

Tim Gideon
PC Mag - September 18, 2020

PC Mag reviews Mackie’s new MP Series in-ear monitors which feature Knowles balanced armature drivers for clear, unparallel sound with a focus on mid-range and high-frequency detail to complement deep but not excessive bass.  

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Product Spotlight, New MP Series IEMs - Featuring Knowles - The Ins & Outs with Mackie

Video - August 7, 2020

Mackie’s new MP Series in-ear monitors get their unparalleled sound from Knowles balanced armature drivers. Matthew Herrin, Product Manager at Mackie, and Andrew Bellavia, Director of Market Development at Knowles, discuss how this exciting partnership came about and what went into making these IEMs sound so good. 

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Black Shark Selects Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers for New, High Performance Wireless Gaming Headphones

Press Release - May 18, 2020

Black Shark Ophidian combines a Knowles balanced armature driver for exceptionally clear vocals and treble with a dynamic speaker for powerful bass.

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Review: Edifier TWS6 Earbuds with Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers Inside

Karen S. Freeman 
iMore - May 18, 2020

iMore reviews Edifier TWS6 True Wireless Earbuds featuring Knowles Balanced Armature for a compact and immersive experience. 

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Knowles Engineer Presents "Designing ANC Earphones" to AES

Tom Miller 
Video - April 27, 2020

Knowles' Senior Principal Engineer Tom Miller packs a lot of useful detail into a one-hour discussion covering ANC theory, design methods, hardware selection, and an overview of coming advanced ANC systems.

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Kugou Selects Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers for New Hi-Res X1 Earphone 

Press Release - March 12, 2020

Two Knowles balanced armature drivers combined with a dynamic driver deliver the highest possible performance for listening to Hi-Res Audio.

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Discussion on the Future of Advanced Hearables 

Bret Kinsella, Dave Kemp, Andrew Bellavia 
Voicebot Podcast - December 18, 2019

Hearables are wireless earbuds and headphones that provide always-available voice assistant access. Bret, Dave and Andrew discuss applications, consumer adoption, and how the biggest players intend to compete in this Voicebot podcast.

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