Development Kit for Amazon AVS

Knowles AISonic™ SmartMic Headset Development Kit for Amazon AVS

The first development kit qualified by Amazon for AVS for hands-free, voice-activated, low-power headphones, headsets and earbuds for eliminating the need for push-to-activate.


The Knowles AISonic™ SmartMic Headset Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is the first development kit qualified by Amazon for AVS that enables OEMs and ODMs to build Bluetooth headphones, headsets and true wireless earbuds that enable voice activation and eliminate the need for push-to-activate—allowing consumers to use their headsets to talk, hands-free, directly to Alexa supporting all Alexa capabilities.  The development kit is fully compliant with Amazon’s Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) protocol for Bluetooth accessories and supports the industry’s lowest power and wake-on-voice capability for Alexa ear-worn devices. 

Enabling speech recognition and voice control on a headset creates new challenges that smart speakers in a home do not experience.  Acoustic background distractors such as car noise, restaurant and bar “babble” and street noise need to be addressed to enable effective voice recognition performance while on-the-go.  Knowles’ AISonic voice processing solution is designed to recognize the Alexa wake word and deliver speech requests for processing in these noisy, real-world environments.


The development kit includes:

  • Knowles AISonic IA611 SmartMic, which integrates a Knowles open, low-power audio edge processor inside a tiny microphone. with Knowles market-leading MEMs microphone for wake word detection, identification of the voice wake word and local voice command processing.
  • Bestechnic BES2000i Bluetooth System-on-Chip for control of overall headset functionality and for Bluetooth and BLE connectivity.
  • Retune VoiceSpot™ technology for voice triggers and commands.


Please visit the AVS Developer portal at and the Knowles solution portal at for more information.