EM/BEM Series

Rugged construction to withstand severe environmental conditions High resistance to mechanical shock Improved RFI and EMI Undamped, screen damped, and internally damped responses Numerous port locations and a wide range of frequency responses available Extended housing EM microphones are also available, improving sensitivity/noise in the same footprint Custom corner frequencies achieved through electrical high pass filter optimize noise performance at low frequencies for demanding matching and directional applications BEM offers improved Power Feedthrough Attenuation, improved settling time, and electrical high pass filter
The EM is the most popular omni-directional microphone offered. The superior performance of the low noise EM makes it the choice of hearing instrument manufacturers for all hearing instrument sizes. The EM can also be used in directional applications as a matched omni-directional pair. The BEM is an improved version of the EM microphone. It offers enhanced PFA performance, as well as power-on reset and an electrical high pass filter. The BEM is ideal in directional applications as a matched omni-directional pair.