Multicore DSP

IA8201 Enables wake-on-voice processing for low latency voice UI, noise reduction, context awareness, and accelerated machine learning inferencing for edge processing of sensor inputs.

IA8508 is a high-performance, ultra-low power audio edge processor that is optimized for Mobile and IoT products with open DSP flexibility and a host of connectivity options.
The Knowles AISonic™ Audio Edge Processor IA8201 is a high-performance, ultra-low power audio-centric OpenDSP supporting up to 4 mics, multiple high speed interfaces and GPIOs in two package options (eWLB and QFN).

IA8508 combines three Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores with an ARM Cortex M4 to maximize design flexibility. The DSP cores provide low-latency, high-capacity processing for audio and machine learning computations, while the Cortex M4 blends signal processing with general-purpose controller capability. The platform leverages 4MB of user available RAM to enable multiple simultaneous use cases and can be advantageously configured into an ultra-low power system. See page 2 for detailed core information.

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IA 8201 No Downloads available for IA 8201 1-2 Greater Than 1m Greater Than 40MHz 2 QFN
  • Far Field
IA 8508 No Downloads available for IA 8508 5-8 Greater Than 1m Greater Than 40MHz 4 QFN
  • Far Field