Telecoils can be designed as passive, surface mount, active gain, and radio frequency solutions — including improved EMI performance on active units. Various electrical and mounting configurations are available.


  • Coils feature a polyurethane coating for optimal environmental protection
  • 5200 series SMT telecoil are readily available in tape-and-reel packaging for pick-and-place installation
  • 5300 series active telecoils feature RFI suppression

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5100 Passive Series

1.2mm D - 3.21mm D x 4.94mm L - 8.03mm L Various electrical parameters available Various sizes available Solid or Litz wire leads Polyurethane coating on coil Radial or axial lead configuration

5300 Active Series

5.33mm x 2.54mm x 3.32mm (.210in x .100in x .131in) RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppression Integrated preamplifier ESD protection Plastic sleeve to protect coil Optional sleeveless version available Insulated leads