The role of voice and audio within IoT has been growing as we depend more and more on digital assistants with automating tasks around a digital home.

Knowles’ best in class MEMS microphones and audio processing is a perfect fit for IoT devices that want to offer voice control and voice communication. Knowles can enable applications for near-field devices with our SmartMics and for far-field devices with our Intelligent AISonic™Audio Edge Processors. Knowles products go beyond offering audio processing by also allowing innovation in machine learning and bringing AI to the end device. We can easily add these features while still being very power efficient and enable portability while offering very high performance.


Asset 111  Smart Speakers

  • Stream audio services and use an AI voice assistant for an interactive experience that is growing everyday with cloud services
  • Support for all major cloud ASRs (automatic speech recognition)
  • Best-in-class far-field voice processing
  • Lowest power consumption for portability

Asset 112  Smart Screens

  • Embedded in a range of voice devices, a cloud ASR gets deeply integrated into our lifestyle throughout the home
  • Visual interactivity
  • Voice conferencing
  • Voice control and search with TV viewing

Asset 113  Smart Homes

  • Seamlessly automate with voice comfort, luxury and security
  • Lights, thermostats and threat/intrusion detection
  • Voice throughout the entire home manages energy, cameras and content distribution
  • Control any device from anywhere within the home