Knowles is the world leader in designing audio solutions for smartphone platforms.

Enabling mobile machine learning at the edge, we address the rapidly growing demands for voice interface, privacy and better understanding in noisy environments.


Knowles offers a range of MEMS microphones, SmartMics with integrated DSPs and high-performance stand-alone audio processors to meet diverse audio and voice input requirements for a range of mobile devices. Knowles AISonic™ Audio Edge Processors offer very low power, wake-on-voice, near and far-field wake-word detection, voice quality enhancement and signal processing.


asset-107  Voice Wake

  • Enable wake-on-voice voice trigger detection with an audio DSP integrated microphone package
  • As low as 2mW average power
  • Microphone plus DSP in a tiny 9.3mm² footprint
  • High accuracy detection


Asset 106  Beyond Voice

  • Expand beyond voice input with low power high compute, and large memory audio processors 
  • Choose between 1MB and 4MB memory for more features beyond voice 

Asset 108  AI

  • Take advantage of high compute machine learning with DNN accelerators 
  • Knowles AISonic Audio Edge Processor platforms machine learning tasks 10 times more efficiently than competition. 

Asset 108  Context Aware

  • Detect trigger words, detect context, process gestures 
  • Aggregate sensor inputs to determine user physical context
  • Process ultrasonic inputs to enable proximity sensing, gesture detection