Knowles offers a diverse group of switch designs to support multiple design ideas depending on your application. Actuating mechanisms range from traditional momentary pushbutton to toggle or custom switch design.


  • Knowles' pushbutton product line features multiple driver and cap configurations to accommodate various tactile responses and activation forces
  • "Overtravel" design on Knowles' 2900 series pushbutton enables electrical contact prior to full pushbutton travel for superior mechanical actuation
  • 2005 series slide switch features a fully enclosed housing which minimizes risk of corrosion and contamination
  • Custom design capabilities are available through Knowles' research and development team for advanced applications that may have special requirements

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2005 Slide Switch Series

5.72mm x 3.25mm x 4.22mm (.225in x .128in x .166in) Vertical or horizontal leads Standards meet or exceed those of MIL-Q-9858A Make-before-break contacts Switch can be color coded Two driver heights available

2800 Push Button Switch Series

2.54mm dia x 3.19mm Flanged and unflanged options available SPST normally open switch Optional knob extension (cap) Gold-plated contacts and leads

2900 Ultra Miniature Push Button Series

1.90mm dia x 3.00mm 1.90mm diameter is smallest on market Overtravel allows for mechanical activation applications with greater tolerance Round flexible leads Oversize knob caps available