Knowles enables headphones and true wireless earbuds with a richer audio experience and seamless interaction with intelligent voice assistants.

Leveraging our experience in MEMS microphones, SmartMics, hearing health, balanced armatures and audio edge processors, Knowles delivers new capabilities such as market leading low power, wake-on- voice UI and advanced audio processing technology for a range of ear worn consumer devices that delight and empower users, such as advanced audio augmented reality and market leading voice UI technology.


Applying leading edge capabilities for optimal machine learning performance, our AISonic™Audio Edge Processors are designed to provide wake-on-voice processing features that respond to the users voice, hands-free whenever needed. Pioneering low power audio processors are paired with optimized MEMS microphones to set new standards of performance and innovation in next generation hearables.




asset-107  Voice Wake

  • Wake-on-Voice Triggering
  • Premium voice wake performance
  • Lowest power (as low as 2 mW)

Asset 109  Noise Reduction

  • Minimizing Noise for Enhanced Audio Quality
  • Beam forming and noise source cancellation
  • Wind noise reduction

Asset 105  Context Aware

  • Detecting Acoustic Environments & Events
  • Machine learning for reliable detection of targeted events
  • Enables products that tune themselves for the listener's current audio environment

Asset 110  HiFi Audio

  • Advanced Audio Output Processing & Premium Sound Reproduction
  • Hi-Res sound reproduction in a tiny unit designed for in-ear form factors
  • Audio signal processing delivers optimal sound for the best listening experience

Asset 108  AI & Machine Learning

  • Processing Audio Data to Determine Context & Enhance User Experience
  • DNN-optimized instruction set & processors
  • Natural language understanding

Asset 110  Hearing Enhancement

  • Advanced Hearing Capabilities for Consumers in Challenging Environments
  • High sensitivity microphones & advanced audio processing for new market categories
  • Proven sound reproduction technology, pioneered for high-end medical devices, applied to consumer applications